Antifoul Protection for Hull

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PRICING NOTE:  This Price is for the 6m hull only.  Please enquire on pricing for larger hulls.

Antifoul is the process of protecting the hull of the boat from growth by applying protective layers of marine paint along with signification preparation work prior.  We highly recommend this upgrade for boat owners who want to inhibit the growth of marine algae if your boat is left in the water for extended periods.

Our Antifoul Paint Protection Package includes hull preparation, 2 x coats of epoxy primer undercoat and 2 x coats Marine Antifoul Paint in black.  We also include sacrificial anodes supplied and fitted to rear brackets on the hull.

NOTE:  Do not attempt to paint the hull yourself as the Marine paint is expensive and requires professional preparation of the hull.  Furthermore, the boat needs to be hoisted out of the water safely so that nothing is touching the hull.  You cannot simply paint the boat on the trailer and if you attempt to do this yourself, you will ruin your boat.  As the saying NOT try this at home!


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